My name is Liz.

    Meet your new, friendly neighborhood tech-savvy creative.

  • Who I am

    I am a wife and mom of 3 from New Hampshire. I founded Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC as a general virtual assistance company in 2020 to help navigate the online "stuff".


    I have since taken courses, upped my writing, SEO, and web development game. I'm zeroed in on online presence optimization for businesses.

    Who I help

    Small business owners and entrepreneurs work hard. I buff up their online spaces to work as hard as they do.


    I look at an online presence as a vehicle; it should be kept running smoothly under the hood and looking sound from top to bottom so the brand can travel wherever it needs to go. Consider me a trusty mechanic.

  • Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

    Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs optimize their online presence.

    What I do

    I'm a writer, designer, and tech-nerd who's dedicated to helping brands present themselves in the most competitive way possible in a wild digital world.


    In simplest terms, when a website is not getting visitors and doing its "job", I step in to help diagnose and fix what's ailing it.


    I provide:

    • Website audits
    • Copywriting
    • Content writing
    • Graphic design
    • Course materials creation
    • Web design
  • My Work

    Being a nerd, a writer, a designer, and simply obsessed with details.









  • So, are we gonna do this, or what? 

    If you have any questions or are interested in working together, please fill out the following form and I will respond as soon as possible.

    Rindge, New Hampshire
    Monday-Friday 10-2 (EST)